Quality Policy

Fortis IBA are a leader in processing of incinerator bottom ash (IBA) and a trusted supplier of IBA Aggregate. Our sites produce quality materials for local construction and provide sustainable solutions to the built environment. We aim to meet and exceed the expectations and requirements of all our clients.

 The company’s objectives within this policy are to achieve and maintain customer satisfaction while seeking continual improvement of our quality management system and business performance; in particular:

  • To ensure the needs and requirements of our clients and customers are fully met.
  • To provide quality services, products and information.
  • Meeting statutory and ISO standard requirements.


This shall be achieved by providing a framework for establishing and reviewing specific quality objectives.

This quality policy will be regularly reviewed to ensure its aims are maintained and meaningful whilst safeguarding the company’s future activities.

The ultimate responsibility for Quality Management is held by the Chief Operating Officer of Raymond Brown Minerals & Recycling Ltd, however ALL members of staff are responsible for ensuring that quality issues are considered, and the aims of this policy are achieved.

Steve Clasby

Chief Operating Officer