Part of the Raymond Brown Group, Fortis, are leading Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA) Processors and are also leaders in the quest for a zero waste economy.

Our Mission 

To provide a sustainable and critical element of the circular economy through the recovery of low carbon construction materials and recycled metals.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the principal partner to the Energy from Waste industry, relentlessly and responsibly expanding the boundaries in the recovery and re-use of waste materials, so preserving natural resources, supporting global energy transition, and creating a more sustainable world for future generations.  We aim to be the most advanced, integrated, and responsible processor of Incinerator Bottom Ash in the UK.

The incineration of your waste for energy recovery means that we no longer need to bury waste in landfills. By thermally treating your waste to create electricity and heat, rather than coal or oil, we are also helping to save the earth’s precious finite resources. The IBA generated from the thermal treatment is recovered, processed and transformed into building materials for the UK`s construction sector. During the IBA processing valuable metals are recovered and sent for recycling.

Leading IBA Processing

Our processes recover ferrous and non-ferrous metals which are re-used worldwide to relieve the burden on mass extraction of low yielding virgin metal ores such as copper. The other main part of the process produces a manufactured aggregate called Fortistone® that is used as an alternative to primary or quarried aggregate in the construction industry.

Fortistone® IBA Aggregate

The processing and subsequent use of Fortistone® IBA Aggregate across the UK demonstrates a clear and powerful commitment across the country to both national and global sustainability. The provision of sustainable aggregate reduces the requirement for remotely sourced primary aggregate and avoids the import of carbon and cash expensive aggregate from further afield. As a country, we are facing a limited availability of primary aggregates and the use of alternative sustainable construction materials such as IBA Aggregate are now becoming essential to the future of construction. The need to maintain supplies of minerals for the growing economy and construction industry has been driving the development of Fortistone® IBA Aggregate through advancements in technology and innovation.

The combined positive impact on the environment is significant when also considering that for every one tonne of Fortistone® IBA Aggregate used in construction, approximately 750 black bin bags are successfully diverted from landfill.

Fortis has seen significant demand for its Fortistone® IBA Aggregate within the construction industry over recent years, and as a result it is now recognised as a high performing alternative to primary aggregates with established end markets. Offering another solution which specifies the use of readily available manufactured aggregates over primary aggregates demonstrates significant cost savings to stakeholders as well as preserving natural resources and diverting our waste from landfill.

Investment in waste treatment infrastructure has resulted in significant growth within the energy from waste sector and as a result the processing of IBA to recover aggregates and metals is important in achieving recycling targets and meeting the aims and objectives of the circular economy.

Fortistone® IBA Aggregate has a key part to play in providing the building blocks for our highways and construction projects as well as being part of the solution for our country’s waste. It deserves to be recognised as one of the most sustainable and essential resources.