We believe that a commitment to the principles of environmental, social and governance (ESG) not only makes good business sense but also complements our Group business strategy and our corporate values.

Our policy is based on the following principles:

  • Driving progress and performance improvement on ESG across the business to support the Group to grow.
  • Aligning and focusing the Group’s activities on business priorities to drive delivery.
  • Enabling the tracking of our performance, impact and the value we create as a business.
  • Supporting communication with our stakeholders including employees, customers, shareholders and communities.

In developing our strategy and setting out our ESG policy, we seek to drive continuous improvement and support our engagement with all stakeholders, internal and external. To help define our policy we have divided it into the five areas of our ESG strategy:

  • Developing our people: We help our people to flourish and grow in an inclusive and supportive environment.
  • Supporting sustainable communities: We create sustainable, long term opportunities in our communities to support social and economic development.
  • Taking climate action: We aim to minimise our emissions and support the development of low carbon infrastructure, to help the UK deliver on its net-zero carbon emissions target.
  • Excelling in health & wellbeing, safety and security: We are committed to the health and wellbeing, safety and security of our people, customers and operators.
  • Minimising our environmental footprint: We aim to minimise our negative impacts on the environment and manage our noise, protect air and water quality, and support the circular economy.


We routinely monitor our ESG performance to identify opportunities to improve performance. The ESG reporting team reports to the Group’s Board which oversees performance.


Fortis reviews its ESG Performance regularly by working with Holtara to benchmark and compare ESG performance with similar businesses in the industry. Holtara accesses one of the largest private-market ESG data sources and, this year, Fortis was rated  ‘Excellent’ across all categories (Environmental, Social, and Governance).  This places Fortis well ahead of the sector benchmarks, demonstrating unwavering commitment to sustainable business practices.  Fortis has and is continuing to improve its ESG credentials.