Environmental Policy

Fortis recognise that our operations produce environmental benefits and enhancements as well as environmental concerns which require a range of mitigation measures. These environmental issues result from the operation of our incinerator bottom ash processing facilities and the supply of incinerator bottom ash aggregate to the construction industry.

In all aspects of the company, there is a focus on the principles of sustainable development. We acknowledge the importance of continual improvement to ensure the business operates successfully and that local environmental protection is achieved.

It is our objective to continually improve our environmental performance by:

  • Fulfilling our compliance obligations
  • Promoting a sustainable approach within our business, along the supply chain and to our customers.
  • Reducing environmental nuisance and preventing pollution
  • Minimisation of energy usage and raw materials.
  • Procurement which considers environmentally and ethically issues
  • Effective management of waste
  • Improving employee environmental awareness and knowledge
  • Providing our clients, suppliers and the community with information on environmental issues.
  • Increased social benefits and community engagement initiatives
  • Making our Environmental Policy available to the public.
  • Achievement of continual improvement in our environmental performance


The ultimate responsibility for Environmental Management is held by the Chief Operating Officer of Fortis, however ALL members of staff are responsible for ensuring that environmental issues are considered, and the aims of this policy are achieved.

Steve Clasby

Chief Operating Officer