April 9, 2019

Fortis IBA are pleased to announce that the business’ state-of-the-art recycling operations are currently featuring in Oxfordshire’s ‘Rubbish! Past and Future Archaeology’ Exhibition taking place at Abingdon County Hall Museum from April through to June.

The exhibition showcases historic rubbish and how it can demonstrate the daily life and interests of past societies, what happens to today’s rubbish (focussing on energy recovery and IBA processing) and the future of waste.

Fortis were invited to exhibit their recycling process and display samples of the processed Oxfordshire IBA Aggregate and the different metals which are extracted for recycling.

Oxfordshire County Council have stated that “Oxfordshire is one of the best counties in the country at recycling.  All the waste from Oxfordshire’s residents that can’t be recycled is taken to Viridor’s Ardley Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) where it is burnt to produce electricity – enough for about 53,000 homes!

The Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA) which is generated from the ERF is processed by Fortis IBA Ltd into an aggregate which is used within construction across the county as a sustainable alternative to primary aggregates.  As a country, we are facing a limited availability of natural minerals and the utilisation of secondary aggregates where possible allows us to preserve our natural resources.”