Investment in new Screener for A303 Enviropark

Fortis IBA Ltd have invested in a Liwell Flip Flow Screener for the A303 IBA Processing Facility, which currently processes 120,000 tonnes of incinerator bottom ash each year into an aggregate which is used in construction projects.

The Fortis IBA team undertook extensive research within the European materials separation technology market prior to the investment to ensure that the plant improvements would increase metal recoveries and improve the final IBA Aggregate products.  Initial trials were carried out and TEMA were subsequently selected to carry out a further trial at the A303 IBA Processing Facility with their mobile version of the Liwell Screener.  The mobile screening trials proved highly successful so the Fortis team visited the factory in Germany to finalise specifications.

“We are continually looking at new ways of developing our plant to improve our recovery rates and onsite efficiencies,” commented Terry Moore, General Operations Manager.

“We produce a high-quality IBA Aggregate and the addition of the Liwell Screen has refined our process, segregating at a lower fraction which improves recovery rates and reducing maintenance and downtime for us.  In terms of our requirements, it is performing to an excellent standard.”

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