IBAA Applications

IBA Aggregate is a sustainable product which has been widely used in construction for over 20 years, and has been approved by the Environment Agency, Highways England and a number of local authorities with great success. Hampshire County Council have also recently awarded it the specification clause 893AR.

The Fortis team are dedicated to operational and technical excellence, they will conduct a comprehensive site specific risk assessment, supporting every customer individually to ensure traceability and confidence in use of the material. This means that we can trace every tonne of our IBA Aggregate at anytime.

Benefits of using Fortis IBA Aggregate:

  • High quality product due to advanced processing technology which can be used for earthworks, road construction and as a base material for further higher grade processing
  • Superior material performance compared to primary aggregates due to Fortis IBA Aggregate having pollozanic properties
  • Beneficial bulk density, resulting in reduced quantities required versus primary aggregates
  • Helping to preserve natural resources
  • Diverting at least 95% of municipal waste away from landfill
  • Generating electricity for hundreds of homes
  • Reducing carbon footprint by producing a secondary aggregate locally
  • Avoiding the £2 / tonne tax applied on primary aggregates